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Many creators have already their DM inboxes full of questions from you or similar requests.


A mother asking for a inspiring message for her daughter


A friend asking for a birthday congratulation for a fan of yours


Someone that wants your advice on a specific subject

We are making these amazing interactions easier than ever

Maybe you can think of other examples where you can inspire or help someone with a short video. We are sure there are thousands of people and occasions for this!

July 30, 2022
Thank you for an amazing video greeting to my sister, thank you Josss!
July 30, 2022
September 3, 2022
My dad started to cry of happiness when he saw the video. Thank you!
September 3, 2022
August 30, 2022
Wow! This is unbelievable! Hearing you congratulate me on my birthday was the coolest thing ever!
August 30, 2022
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More than just a video.

It's more personal than a selfie or an autograph and it can be anything from birthday wishes to life advice or consultation - a valuable personal interaction with your supporters.

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Let new people discover you on Josss Increase your reach as happy audience share your videos on their social media.

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Many creators earn a significant income on the platform, making them less dependent on brand deals and advertising. You can always choose to donate to charity Get pay quickly and easily directly to your bank account.

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Manage bookings and record directly in the app in just minutes from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

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If you don't like a booking request, you can reject it and the fan will get the money back. Change your availability any time Set or change your fee as you wish.

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